Complaints / Grievance Policy

 Students, staff and faculty have the right to express any concerns they might have with any aspect of their educational experience. Adhere to the following steps when addressing these concerns:


  • If anyone in the Seminary community has a misunderstanding or dispute with another person in our learning community, they first must address their concern directly with that person as misunderstandings can often be cleared up best at their source.

  • Faculty members encourage students to ask them any questions about a course syllabus, grade, assignments in the course or any communications which remain unclear.

  • Likewise, staff or faculty address their concerns to their direct supervisor for clarification. 

  • If a matter remains unresolved, community members may address academic matters to the Dean of their program and administrative matters to the Director of Administration.

An item is only considered as a formal complaint if a community member indicates in their communication to our President, Academic Deans or Director of Administration that they believe Thirdmill Seminary is not following its own policies, the standards of its accreditors, US state or federal laws.

  • The Academic Dean or Director of Administration will confirm receipt of a complaint and copy the President of the Seminary within two business days. The complaint will be brought to the next scheduled meeting of the appropriate faculty committee (see Organization of the Faculty above).

  • Once the Committee of the faculty meets and acts, the community member will be informed of their decision by the person who received their formal complaint within two business days of the committee’s action.

  • If the matter remains unresolved, the community member may appeal in writing to the President of the Seminary by email to The President will confirm receipt of the appeal within two business days and inform the community member that their appeal will be considered at the next meeting of the Executive Committee of the faculty. Once a final decision is reached, the President will inform the community member within two business days. 

  • If a student or other community member remains unsatisfied with the response of Seminary to the matter, they may file a complaint with the Florida Department of Education’s Commission for Independent Education, or the respective commission in the state where they reside.