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Thirdmill Seminary

December 2022


Dear friend,


Thank you for your curiosity in Thirdmill Seminary that has led you to this page!


We are offering three courses in the next term starting January 9.  We welcome Dr. Gabriella Tijerina-Pike, the newest member of our adjunct faculty. She holds a PhD in New Testament from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. She is a native of Mexico but lives in Michigan. Because she speaks both Spanish and English, she will be teaching in both programs. This term, she will be teaching The Book of Acts, where we read how Jesus’s witnesses, empowered with God’s Word and Spirit, crossed cultural lines and geographic borders to advance God’s Kingdom. “Not with swords loud crashing, nor roll of stirring drums, with deeds of love and mercy, the heavenly kingdom comes.” 


Dr. Drew Parlee will teach What is Man?, an introduction to theological anthropology – also called the doctrine of humanity. We are Christ’s image-bearers yet sin has had an impact on our lives and the world. Learn what scholars through the ages have to say on the first Adam to the second Adam to how the effects of sin reach to our families and ministries today.


Finally, I will be leading the Discipleship Practicum: Outreach on wholistic discipleship, one of three applied theology courses. This is a great opportunity to learn more about Thirdmill Seminary and the required pace of graduate seminary studies if you would like to begin with a one credit hour course. Additional course descriptions are available online here.


The next 8-week term begins on January 9 with an application deadline of December 23 (midnight Eastern time). To learn more about us, check out the links here to our unique approach, our program information, and Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question, write to our Admissions Team who will be happy to assist you! 


Co-laboring with you in His Harvest Field,


Gregory R. Perry, Ph. D.

President and Associate Professor of New Testament


PS: Apply today! Are you considering seminary but concerned about the issues of time, distance, funds and leaving your present ministry? Thirdmill Seminary is here for you, providing accessible online theological education at an affordable price so you can study where you already serve God and his people. If you have a bachelor’s degree, apply today. If you don’t yet have a bachelor’s degree, visit for curriculum and resources. 

Term 3 January 9 - March 5

The Book of Acts (BIB504) – 2 credit hours 

What is Man? (THE510) – 3 credit hours 

Discipleship Prac - Outreach (MIS503) – 1 credit

Term 4 March 20 – May 14, 2023 

Heart of Paul’s Theology (BIB514) – 2 credit hours 

Making Biblical Decisions (THE513) – 3 credit hours 

Discipleship Practicum - Spiritual Nurture (MIS502) – 1 credit hour 


Term 5 June 5 – July 30, 2023 

Your Kingdom Come: Eschatology (THE511) – 2 credit hours 

Capstone Project & Portfolio (MIS600)  

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