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Thirdmill Seminary

April 2023




Dear friend,


Thank you for your interest in Thirdmill Seminary! If you are looking for a high value education at an affordable price, and if you are looking to study Scripture where you serve Christ and His Church, then Thirdmill Seminary may be the training you are looking for. 


We offer a Master’s degree and a Graduate Certificate in Christian Studies. A prior bachelor’s degree is required for admission to Thirdmill Seminary. If you don’t have a bachelor’s degree, visit Thirdmill Institute that utilizes Thirdmill’s video series to offer a structured certificate and diploma program.

We are receiving applications until May 12 for Term 5 from June 5 – July 30.


We are offering two courses this term:


For all students, we offer a comprehensive look at the Kingdom of God that began with Christ’s first advent, but will come in its fullness when Christ’s comes again:

Your Kingdom Come: the Doctrine of Eschatology (THE511) - 2 Credit Hours


For students who have completed all the other course requirements and are ready to graduate, we offer a celebration of learning:

Capstone Project & Portfolio (MIS600) - 1 Credit Hour

Each term is 8 weeks long and students can begin any of the 5 terms throughout the year. The next term in our Academic Calendar will be August 14-October 8, 2023 and three courses will be available:


The Gospels (BIB505) - 3 credits

Kingdom, Canon and Covenant of the Old Testament (BIB501) - 2 credits

Discipleship Practicum – Worship (MIS501) - 1 credit  


We invite you to visit our page with course descriptions, learn about our unique approach, obtain program information, and find Frequently Asked Questions


Deepen your faith, empower your service: 

Apply today and prepare yourself for a life of ministry!

Co-laboring with you in His Harvest Field,



Gregory R. Perry, Ph. D.

President and Associate Professor of New Testament


PS: Apply today! Are you considering seminary but concerned about the issues of time, distance, funds and leaving your present ministry? Thirdmill Seminary is here for you.

Contact our admissions team at for individual questions.

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