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Coming Soon at Thirdmill Seminary

Apply by May 6


Dear friend, 

Biblical prophets are God’s chosen spokespersons, who were called to represent God’s covenant to the people and to call them back to covenant faithfulness. While prophets sometimes predicted events that would be brought to pass under God’s sovereignty, they primarily spoke on the basis of God’s promises. If God’s people were obedient, they could expect blessing. If they disobeyed God’s covenant, they could expect sanctions. 

In our course, “He Gave Us Prophets,” we study the writings of those who represented Yahweh’s covenant to His people, calling them (and us) to repentance, to embrace God’s covenant from the heart.  

Our accredited, online degree program provides you with the opportunity to deepen your understanding of Scripture while continuing to serve Christ and His Church. Spanning barriers of language, cost, and distance, Thirdmill Seminary is serving a global learning community of Christian leaders. Together, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we are re-reading and appropriating the biblical text in the Church’s mission to disciple the nations for the glory of Christ. 

Start today to embark on your journey toward a Master of Arts in Christian Studies! Apply by May 6 to enroll in the upcoming 8-week term, which runs from June 3 to July 28, 2024.  


For all new students, we’ll study the significance of prophetic literature in shaping our understanding of God's message and mission: 

    He Gave Us Prophets (BIB513) - 3 Credit Hours 


You can begin your seminary studies in any of the 5 terms throughout the year (calendar). The new 2024-25 academic year will begin August 12  when three courses will be available: 

    The Pentateuch, Part 1 (BIB503) - 3 credits 

    Building Your Theology (THE501) - 2 credits 

    Discipleship Practicum – Worship (MIS501) - 1 credit    


To learn more about us, explore our website and read the links to our unique approach, our program information, and Frequently Asked Questions. As you consider this opportunity, be assured that you won't be journeying alone; you'll receive support from local mentors and join fellow students from around the world. Take the initial step... Apply today!


Co-laborers in the Kingdom, 


Gregory R. Perry, Ph. D.

President and Associate Professor of New Testament


PS: Are you considering seminary but concerned about the issues of time, distance, funds and leaving your present ministry? Thirdmill Seminary is here for you.  Contact our admissions team at for a prompt response to your questions.

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