Transfer Credit Policy


Ultimately the acceptance of any degree or transfer credit is up to the receiving institution. No advance credit will be awarded prior to admission. Therefore, prospective students must apply and be admitted to Thirdmill Seminary, before a request for a transfer of credit from another institution will be considered. 


A student who completed a course on or at another academic institution, which uses Thirdmill curriculum may be eligible for graduate level credit through Thirdmill Seminary by transfer of credit or a credit upgrade. An award of upgraded or transfer course credit is limited to a maximum of 12 credits in the Master of Arts in Christian Studies degree program only. 


In order to have prior academic work considered for transfer or upgraded credit, students must provide official transcripts with the credit to be considered to the Registrar. They must also fill out a transfer credit request form and send it to the Academic Dean of their language program. The student must also provide any materials (such as syllabi, samples of work, quizzes, papers or other assessments, etc.) that the Dean requests in order to consider their request properly. A response will be provided by the Dean to the student’s request within 30 days of the Dean’s receipt of the request form and all supporting documents have been received by the Dean. The Dean’s response will be copied to the Registrar and any approved credit will be recorded to the student’s record by the Registrar.