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What makes Thirdmill a



Our Unique Approach

Thirdmill Seminary offers students a fully online theological education that is resourced by content experts in the Bible and Theology from all corners of the global church.


While our faculty meet students only in the digital classroom, students also work with their pastors and mentors to apply what they are learning in their local ministry contexts.


Thirdmill Seminary is on-the-job-training in ministry, not the study of abstract ideas for ministry.


Thirdmill Seminary is a learning organization that studies how Christians from various parts of the global church understand and apply Scripture in their contexts.


Thirdmill Seminary is a teacher's school. Because church leaders must be “apt to teach,” we have designed our curriculum to produce effective teachers of the Bible, who appropriate it faithfully in the worship and witness of the Church.


Thirdmill Seminary is cost-effective, and affordably priced, partnering with donors, students and their churches to provide and sustain a quality theological education for all who are called and gifted to serve the church, without respect to their gender, ethnic heritage or economic status.


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