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Grading Policy

Thirdmill Seminary grades on a 100 point grading scale and is designated with a plus/minus system: 


A      95 -100

A-    90-94.99

B+   87-89.99

B     84-86.99

B-    80-83.99

C+   77-79.99

C     74-76.99

C-   70-73.99

D+   67-69.99

D      64-66.99

D-    60-63.99

I     Incomplete

W    Withdrawal


Course credit is given for a cumulative grade of 70% and above,


This grading scale is applied to objective quizzes, mid-term, and final exams. Discussion forum posts are graded on the basis of a weighted scale that is posted in the online classroom and here: 

  • Content Knowledge (35%)

  • Critical Engagement (25%). Note that critical thinking is different from criticism.              

  • Communicating Clearly and Effectively (25%)

  • Approach to Application (15%) 


While we value content and want to validate its transfer, we are just as interested in assessing how students use knowledge in their personal lives and ministry. 

Assessments which require students to analyze, synthesize, and prioritize the material such as research papers, exegetical papers, or ministry projects are graded with the use of rubrics. These rubrics are introduced and explained in faculty tutorials and posted in the online classroom. 

All quizzes, tests, discussion forum posts, and other assessments have clear due dates that are printed in the class syllabus and posted in the online classroom. Students are expected to meet those deadlines. If unforeseen circumstances occur, students may submit a request for an extension to their professor, who will evaluate their request and respond with a decision. 

If such circumstances are disruptive to the point of impacting a student’s ability to continue in the class, they may submit a request to withdraw from the course or the student may submit a request for a grade of “incomplete.” Because the professor has been in regular communication with the student throughout the course, he or she is in the best position to decide and answer the student’s request. Please note, however, that granting a request for a grade of “incomplete” is rare. Because our Seminary operates on 8-week academic terms with one-two weeks between terms, the maximum timeframe for completing and grading “incomplete” course work is four weeks. This is in the interest of both the student and our faculty, who must manage work from prior and current terms simultaneously in rare cases where an “incomplete” is granted. 

For additional policies, see current Catalog.

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