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WHAT IS MOODLE?  Your classes are housed on this platform. Learn more about it!

Moodle Definition

Video about Moodle


LEARNING STYLE ASSESSMENTS:  The more you know about how you learn, the more you learn!

VARK Sensory Learning Styles Assessment  

Multiple Intelligences Assessment 

Index of Learning Styles Assessment 

Explanation of Index of Learning  Styles 

PERSONALITY STYLE ASSESSMENTS:  Identify your strengths and learn how to use them to help you succeed!

Myers –Briggs based Assessment  

Enneagram Personality Assessment  

READING STRATEGIES:  Graduate school requires large volumes of reading. Learn practical tips and skills to manage it!

Speed Reading, Reading Strategies and More


WRITING  STRATEGIES:  Writing for graduate school differs from other types of writing. Refresh your writing skills and (re)learn research formats.

Online Writing Lab (OWL)


LIFE & SEMINARY:  Thirdmill Seminary is designed specifically for those of you who are working in full-time ministry. Click the link to hear more about us! 

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