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Student Identity Verification

Each applicant submits government ID with a photo. We do not consider the application until the ID is received. Our Director of Administration or Registrar reviews the ID and ensures that the ID matches the student’s name on the application and other supporting documents. Their correct email address is matched to their application and these must be verified in order be issued credentials for their online accounts.


Each new student has a profile created in Moodle. The profile includes name, personal email, city and country. Moodle automatically creates a student’s ID number that is added to the student’s profile. The student can personalize the secure password but must use the sign-in credentials for access to the classroom.


The only way the classroom and exam can be accessed is with the correct online credentials, the same email and credentials that match the student’s application information. Faculty tutorials and activities are convened with cameras on. Assessment activities are varied. Professors learn the students’ appearance, voice and writing style and students meet regularly with a mentor.

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